Many people around the world had high hopes in late 2020 that the COVID-19 situation would become better in 2021, but it did not go as expected. In 2021, the world faced an epidemic which resulted in higher numbers of infected people each day, despite the fact that throughout the past year, the world has come together to invent various technologies to fight and prevent the spread of the epidemic, including everyone’s cooperation with the New Normal lifestyle. However, the mutation of the COVID-19 virus was fast by looking back to the events of 2021 in Thailand during August, there was a record of 23,418 new infections per day and the highest death toll at 312 people per day.

Due to the severe epidemic situation, Chularat Hospital Group was not reluctant to deal with the situation. We mobilized front line personnel and all staff to help the infected patients who were hospitalized, collaborated with hotel operators to open Hospitels to support green patients as well as collaborated with business partners to build a field hospital specializing in the treatment of COVID-19 patients for yellow and red patients under the name CP-WHA-Chularat Field Hospital which can accommodate up to 600 beds. It is considered one of the prides of Chularat Hospital Group to be one of the parts in aiding people in Thailand to go through the crisis in 2021 until now.

Aside from taking care of patients infected with COVID-19, there is another important mission that the Chularat Hospital Group has collaborated to help our country overcome this epidemic crisis by vaccinating the general public. Chularat Hospital Group has joined the Social Security Office in vaccinating against COVID-19 to insurers in the nearby area, totaling 13 locations and opened 4 additional vaccination sites for the general public in each branch of the Chularat Hospital Group. Also, we collaborated with the Samutprakarn Provincial Administration to help vaccinate people in Samutprakarn province to speed up their immunity and stop the epidemic for the country to be able to move forward normally as soon as possible.

The start of a new important role of Chularat Group is to join in helping with the government to provide public health services in many projects by starting from implementing a private contractor project to provide management and operation services in Pattaya City Hospital for the year 2021 in January. From April onwards, we then operated in the heart center of Sirindhorn Hospital and began to operate heart center in Samutprakarn Hospital in September as well, before the end of the year, with the preparation of heart center operations in Rayong Hospital which will be operational by early of 2022.

From all events in 2021, I would like to thank the Management for operations strategy which go as planned as well as the plan that must be adjusted according to the situation. Thank you doctors, managers, department heads and employees at all levels who joined their efforts in performing their duties to the best of their ability so that everyone received the best service and those who were not discouraged by any obstacles and changes that happened. Thank you to our partners for always understanding the situation and helping us all the way. Thank you to all customers who trust us to take care of them in times of illness. Thank you to all shareholders and stakeholders who has always supported the operation of the Chularat Hospital Group. Finally, on behalf of Chief Executive Officer, I would like to certify that CHG will operate its business in a professional manner with responsibility for society and continually develop the capability of everyone in the organization to deliver the best healthcare services to everyone in the society for the better quality of life.


Dr.Kumpol Plussind
Chief Executive Officer