Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Chularat Hospital Public Company Limited (“ the Company” ) is a private hospital group providing medical service cares for patients from primary, secondary and tertiary cares for more than 30 years with service areas in Bangkok, Samutprakarn, Chachoengsao, Prachinburi, Chonburi and Rayong. To promote patients’ easy access to medical care, the Company played an important role by being one of the first hospitals under Social Security scheme in 1990 to look after the people in the hospital areas consisting of several important industrial estates, factories and insured persons.

For more than 30 years, the Company has been operating the healthcare business together with Social and Environmental Responsibility by incorporating the core competency as a healthcare service provider to support the public health, society and environment and focusing on promoting a healthy society and environment. The Company has cultivated “Social Responsibility for Sustainability” concept to all employee through the core value so that all employee was aware of and acted in accordance with this core value until it became the key identity of "Chularat Hospital Group"

Fair Business Practice

The Company has operated the hospital business with fairness by applying good governance principles in business management under the core values - iCare (Integrity, Accountability) and taking into account all stakeholders in all groups, not only limit to those specified by law but also to refrain from any violation of the rights of stakeholders with details as follows.

The Company conducts its business in accordance with the laws, rules, regulations and relevant regulations.

The company discloses information by reporting the operating result and performance of the company to shareholders equally, consistently, completely and accurately as reviewed and audited by a credible accounting firm.

The Company prohibits the disclosure of confidential information of the company to others illegally and any action in a manner which may cause a conflict of interest with the company.

The Company promotes free competition and refrains from monopoly trade by determining guidelines for transparent procurement processes and fair trade partner recruitments such as bidding for both the construction project and medicines and medical supplies, providing opportunities for companies to offer products and services that meet the company's needs in the field of medical devices, medical equipment and general purchases for business operations. The Company requires that the procurement process shall have comparison partners for approval at all times.

The Company has established a contract to build confidence and show transparency to trade partners and ready to comply with contracts, agreements or other conditions as well as to jointly find the ways to solve and prevent damages in the event that either party is unable to comply with the contract.

The Company treats its partners equally and fairly base on fair compensation for both parties.

The Company has determined the duties and responsibilities, credit limit authorization and scopes of decision making based on positions, duties, and hierarchy that can verify transparency.

The Company has a procurement system which the previous purchase records of products and services can be reviewed and verified at all time.

The Company does not violate the intellectual property by acquiring the licenses on computer program, images, font and various character formats and setting the penalties for intellectual property infringers in accordance with Information Systems Security Policy.

The Company is committed to provide quality, safe, fast, standardized services.

The Company provides accurate and complete information about the service without exaggerated advertisement.

The Company has provided channels for complaints and dissatisfactions as well as having the responsible persons to respond to complaints.

The Company treats employees fairly without human rights violations.

The Company strictly abides by the environmental law and establishes a policy to promote and care for the environment.

The Company is aware of the problem of corruption that may occur in the organization. Therefore, the Company has established a mechanism to prevent the occurrence of corruption by setting guidelines for prevention and participation against corruption as follows.

Announcement of Anti-Corruption Policy

The Company announced the intention to participate in the Collective Action Coalition of the private sector against corruption and announced the commitment to fight against corruption in various departments within the company and its subsidiaries through various channels including staff training and Intranet system to all concerned parties for acknowledgement and implementation.

Corruption News Release Follow-Up

The Company requires the company secretary to follow up the news about corruption which is regularly distributed from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as to notify executives to acknowledge them as a case study on corruption issues.

Risk Assessment for Corruption

The Company’s Executive Committee has a meeting to discuss the risk of corruption along with conducting a risk assessment and plan to manage any potential risks and submit to Risk Committee for consideration.

Control and prevention of Corruption

The Company has appointed the Internal Audit department with experienced and qualified internal auditor to follow up the risk assessment plan, examine the operations of various departments to ensure the compliance with code of conduct and laws and bring out efficient and transparent operations in accordance with good corporate governance guidelines

The Company has set rules for procurement, recruitment, agreement and reimbursement by specifying the credit limit, approval authority, and purpose of the transactions with full and clear supporting documents as well as an audit system from internal auditors.

The Company has an internal control system covering finance, accounting, data recording and other internal processes related to financial and accounting to ensure that such financial transactions are in accordance with the approved purposes and for transparent business operations.

Corruption Report

The Company has a joint meeting with the executives and the internal audit department to acknowledge the inspection report and potential risks and jointly plan for prevention.

The Company provides channels for reporting corruption for employees in the organization and general public in the events of violations, illegal acts, unethical behaviors or behavior that implies corruption are seen through electronic systems with personal access codes which can effectively prevent and protect the reporters or complaints.

Department Contact Number E-mail Address
Internal Audit Department 02 033 2900 ext. 5090
Anti-Corruption Working Group 02 033 2900 ext. 3325
Company Secretary 02 033 2900 ext. 3325

Guidelines in the case of a complaint or notification of fraud

The Company has established guidelines in the case of complaint or notification of fraud for the working group to examine and find supplementary information by adhering to the principles of good corporate governance together with the policies, rules, regulations, hospital guidelines and other relevant laws. If it is found that there is a risk of causing non-transparency in the company's operations, Audit Committee is free to report the findings to the Board of Directors or Managing Director in order to have a timely solution to the problem and not cause any damages. If any personnel in the company violates the company's policy or behaves unethical, the Company will consider the implementation of guidelines or measures suitable for that person according to the regulations of the company including the relevant legal actions.

Working Group on Anti-Corruption

The Company has appointed a working group responsible for overseeing anti-corruption together with the Internal Auditor. In the event that a complaint or notification of fraud occurs via the specified channels, the working group must comply with the confidentiality policy by keeping the confidentiality of the information (Name-surname of the reporter or whistleblower.) to prevent the effects that may occur to those who report clues that are beneficial to the company. And if the information of the whistleblower is disclosed, the working group overseeing this matter will be subject to disciplinary sanctions.

The Company sees the importance of human rights, which means basic rights and freedoms of everyone, equality and without discrimination on nationality, race, color, gender, religion, ethnicity, social status, disability or patient. With a focus on both human rights and patient rights through the core values in I = International Patient Safety (focusing on equal medical treatment and the safety of patients.) and R = Respect (emphasizing on respect for individuality.), all employees of the Company will have the orientation training to acknowledge these key core values.

In addition, the Company has adhered to the patient rights in the business operation and all employees’ operation by including this as one of the topics in the Orientation Process to ensure that all employees are well informed of patient rights. Moreover, the Company has announced the Patient Right thoroughly at various service points to ensure that the patients are well aware of their rights and responsibilities.

The Company provides a place accessible to both clients and employees for religious ceremonies base on their beliefs as well as allowing the employees to take ordination leave to perform religious ceremonies

The Company has protected the information and privacy of clients by establishing clear policies and guidelines for all employees. To protect the clients’ information and privacy, the Company will record the clients’ information into the Hospital Information System which requires the password for access. The password is set according to rights of the work units to prevent and control an access to the clients’ information.

The Company has protected the information and privacy of its employees. According to the Company’s policy, all human resource officers are responsible for maintaining the personal information of all employees and other information in their information systems as well as protecting the right to access information and privacy of all employees. Human Resource department will keep employee profile and private documents in a secured cabinet with a lock to prevent any access from any unauthorized person. For the data stored on the computer, a password is required to access the data.

The Company has security systems throughout the hospital area with 24-hour security guards both inside and outside the building and CCTV cameras covering the entire hospital area and the secret spots to ensure that all clients and employees would have confidence in their safety both physical and mental properties at all time when they come for service or come to work.

The Company has provided a complaint box for the customers when they feel their rights have been violated or treated unfairly in order to find solutions and remedies. The Company has also appointed human resource department to listen to various problems and suggestions from all employees about their rights or any actions that they feel their rights are violated in order to find the solutions and ways for improvement.

The Company strictly complies with labor laws and regulations or other relevant laws against Child Labor.

The Company treats its employee fairly by not using coercion and intimidation while giving freedom to share the opinion and providing an opportunity to participate in work design process.

The Company has determined a fair wage and compensation plan through compensation management base on knowledge, ability and responsibility. The Company provides compensation in both monetary and non-monetary forms to promote employees‘ morale at work as well as adjusting compensation rates to be in line with economic conditions and competitive in the market.

The Company has provided health care for all employees through the annual health check on the specified items as deemed appropriate base on gender, age and working characteristics and conditions. In case of abnormal health examination results, the Company has provided the medical treatment and organized a specific health promotion project for employees to participate in for health Improvement and reduce medication that may affect the quality of life in the long run together with a regular follow-up, such as a diet and exercise behavior adjustment program for groups with high levels of sugar or fat and Stop Smoking program.

The Company has provided Employee an Accident Insurance to protect the safety of employees in the event of emergency and appointed the Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Committee to look after the Work Safety and Security of the employees, including to prepare the contingency plan for any emergency cases such as fire and the availability and safety of public utility systems. All employees can rest-assured of health, Security and Safety protection at work.

The Company has provided the training programs to develop employees’ knowledge and capability, including giving employees the opportunity to participate in proposing training topics of interest as well as organizing an offsite seminar to build good relationships among work colleagues and members which would help relieving stress from work and increasing happiness in working environment and work place.

Being a healthcare service provider, The Company’s primary missions therefore are to provide and deliver the standardized healthcare services to patients by adhering to the safety of patients (International Patient Safety), as well as to provide the continuous care (Care). Therefore, the Company has focused on the quality services to patients as follows.

Treatment and Quality Service Accreditation:

  • International Quality Standard Accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) from the United States, an accreditation internationally accepted worldwide.
  • Hospital Accreditation (HA) from Hospital Accreditation Institute (Public Company Limited)
  • Laboratory Accreditation (LA) and accreditation for Quality Management System from the Medical Technology Council (MTC).
  • Food Sanitation Standards Certification from the Department of Health
  • Certification for the management of fire prevention and fire suppression in the workplace from the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare
  • Outstanding Automatic Claim System Award from Road Accident Victims Protection Co., Ltd in cooperation with the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) and Thai General Insurance Association (TGIA).

Talented Medical Personnel Recruitment

The Company has an efficient recruitment process to acquire the well experienced personnel and experts with knowledge in the field, including the work history verification process to ensure that the patients feel confident with the safe medical treatment services.

Procurement of Medicine and quality Medical Supplies

The Company has appointed a working group responsible for acquiring the good quality medicines and medical supplies for use in hospitals. The working group, consisting of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and those involved in the use of medicines and medical supplies, will look for and examine medicines and medical supplies to ensure the quality, safety, and appropriateness, including tracking the medicines and medical supplies recalls that may not occur from the manufacturer so as to verify and prevent the risks before delivering to patients or clients.

Procurement of Quality Medical Equipment

The Company has set up a medical equipment department to select and acquire quality medical devices, as well as to look after the maintenance so that all medical devices are ready to use at all time, including having a system to check the medical equipment recalls to prevent any risks and dangers that may occur to patients or clients.

Medical Personnel Training Programs

The Company supports and arranges the training courses to medical personnel in various fields according to the work characteristics of each person to develop and increase knowledge, understanding and ability to perform tasks, resulting in an accurate, safe and good standard of quality care for patients.

Providing Knowledge and Information necessary for Decision Making

The Company has set guidelines to always provide knowledge, information and alternatives necessary for decision making before treatments to patients and to always review the patients’ understanding after providing the information.

Relationship Management with Clients

The Company has followed up the treatment results of the patients through doctor appointments and enquire on the treatment results and their satisfaction on a regular basis as well as listening to their comments and suggestions for service improvement.

The Company has set up a department of Environment and Safety responsible for environmental and safety planning and to examine the safety and environment of the hospital in accordance with the laws and regulations.

The Company has set up sub-working group to create activities with all employees in the company to promote environmental care and protection and to encourage an awareness and actions for environmental care. In 2019, the Company organized various activities as follows

  • Support the maintenance personnel to attend energy-saving seminar and have them applying the acquired knowledge to each branch of the Company.
  • Encourage all employee to be aware of electricity-saving by creating the posters and signboards and arranging annual internal activities.
  • Continuous conduct and implement the Waste Separation project for wastes from the Company's internal operations throughout the Group.
  • Focus on reducing the use of plastic bags and drinking straws, started with the reduction of medical plastic bags for patients with chronic diseases by providing fabric bag free of charge and requesting them to reuse this fabric bag on their next visit.
  • Reduce the use of plastic bottles in the hospital by encouraging all employees to have their personal glass and provide a discount for their drinks at the Hospital’s Coffee Shop if they bring their own glasses.

The Company has encouraged all branches of the Group to care for and promote the environment in addition to the normal operations of the company. In 2019, the Company has participated in environmental care activities as follows

  • Participated in “Returning Palm Trees to Forest - 5th year “ at Dong Phayayen World Heritage Forest, Thap Lan National Park in Prachinburi province with a purpose to restore the degraded forest under the area management system with a cooperation of the public and private sectors and to reduce the crisis of forest resources, water resources, global warming and natural disasters at Thap Lan National Park, Prachinburi province.
  • Participated in afforestation project on the Mother's Day to increase green area and promote environmental conservation of 2019 with Hua Samrong Sub-district and Gateway City Industrial Estate, Chachoengsao province.

Considered as one of the founder’s intentions being held and carried on for more than 30 years, the Company is committed to “the Development of the Community or Society” by using the organization's core competencies in healthcare services as a key guideline to develop communities and society and improve the quality of life by providing medical care that allows patients to survive without abnormalities or continue to live daily life without disability.

"Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) center" is one of the centers of excellence of the Chularat Hospital Group, which the founder intends to develop the potential to provide care services for newborns in crisis or newborns with high risk to survive without any complications or to prevent the occurrence of complications to a minimum level. Intended to be a part of sustainable social development without focusing on profit to develop and nurture the future human resources who have good quality of life, NICU Center was opened in 2002 mainly because of an awareness of the importance of future human resources who can develop and bring the country to stability and sustainability together with the lack of good hospitals that have the potential to care for the newborns in crisis and the pregnant mothers with health problem. For more than 18 years, doctors, nurses and care teams have accumulated experience, knowledge, expertise in the care of a newborn baby crisis until it is well accepted and trusted to be a “Reserve Center” for newborn babies in crisis in the eastern region from the National Health Security Office (NHSO) to help the newborns in crisis to survive, grow and live normally, bring happiness and fulfillment to all family members.

Other community or social development activities in 2019 are as follows.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

"World Heart Day & Heart Heroes Project - 4th Year" project is in the 4th consecutive year with the objective to help Thai people to have a healthy heart and reduce the mortality rate by creating a hero to help those who have stopped breathing or cardiac arrest and to return to the normal state before delivering to the hospital. In 2019, the Company encouraged Thai people to pay attention to their health, especially their heart health by arranging the activity called "Step and Run for Heart 2019" with the concept of walking or running a little bit every day, anytime, anywhere which total distance from all walking / running activities will be changed to be a donation for “the 10,000 project Heart for the King” project.

"Fun, Concentrate, Strong Play for Smart Children" activity on the occasion of Children's Day with a purpose to educate parents and guardians who are interested in on child development. Various activities were provided with the purpose to enhance the growth and potential talented of children who are the future of the country such as a healthy baby contest, as well as various D.I.Y activities to stimulate the development and creativity.

"Cancer-Knowable-Curable" Talk event is a continuous project from last year with the topic "Live with cancer happily" to educate the general public who are interested in. With the current environment and lifestyle easily leading to cancer, the Company realize the importance of providing knowledge and understanding to deal with cancer that may occur in the future.

"Mother Class" project was intended to have the pregnant prepare for their childbirth, have correct practices during pregnancy, infant learning and development, knowledge by specialized doctors on various topics and baby care demonstration from specialized nurses to develop the knowledge and ability to look after the baby and promote good family relationships

Being aware of the importance of Safety in Workplace where the workers spent most of their daily lives (at least 8 hours a day.) and patients support in emergencies, the Company has provided “Healthcare Education and Knowledge” project in the workplaces around the hospital location. Considering to be a part to help the community and society to have better quality of life, the Company therefore provided the knowledge on life saving and disease prevention in various workplaces with the designed topics suitable for each workplace by knowledgeable person and experts in the said topics.

The Company also provides “Healthcare Knowledge and Education” to society, general public and those who are interest and want to learn about health knowledge via Social Media. The Company has created VDO and info-graphic to provide knowledge on health promotion and disease prevention by medical professionals through easily accessible social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook Fan page.

Community Relationship Management

The Company realizes the importance of having a good relationship with the community by participating in and being a part in communities’ activities.

In 2019, the Company has participated in "Im Boon Suk Jai - 2nd Year" project to provide vaccination against 4 influenza to monks in various temples in the community with a purpose to prevent influenza for monks and Buddhists coming to make merit at the temples who may be exposed to the influenza virus.

The Company has provided “ Bang Kaew Elderly Care Day 2019” project held at the meeting room of Bang Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Organization with nurses and pharmacists as the speakers to provide knowledge and basic health examination for the elderly with a purpose to encourage the elderly to pay attention to their health and to build good relations with the community.

In collaboration with BTS Group Holding Public Company Limited, the Company has participated in “ Clinic Loyfa - 17th Year” ( Sky Clinic) to provide health screening unit for heart disease screening and electrocardiogram EKG to the general public free of charge at Pak Nam BTS station.

The Company has promoted Buddhism by participating in Buddhism Inheritance Project through a candle procession and candle offering ceremony on Asanha Bucha and Buddhist Lent Day (Khao Phansa) at Bang Chalong Temple in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province with a purpose to worship Buddha, permanently inherit Buddhism and to raise awareness among Buddhists to adhere to and believe in Buddhism.

The Company has provided “First aid and basic health check-up” project in various communities’ activities and events, for example, providing first-aid and basic health check-up services to the general public, participating in fire rehearsal activities with workplaces or important locations in Community, providing emergency first aid units for walking-running-spinning activities held in the service area etc.

Quality Society Promotion by Sharing

In addition to helping the society by using the organization's core competency in health services, the Company also understands other social needs that the company has the ability to help and share through supplies, utensils, donations, including the effort from all employees of the Company. In 2019, the Company has initiated activities to help society in various forms, such as giving a donation of Baht 200,000 to help the southern brothers and sisters who have suffered from Pabuk hurricane through the Fund by Prime Minister's office on the "Unity of Thais-Helping the South" program and “Changing from Receiver to Giver” project intended for employees in the company to make merit on their birthday by doing good things to help the society such as cleaning the temple or school, donating supplies and equipment to the disabled and handicapped home or the underprivileged, including bringing food and survival bags to brothers and sisters suffering from flood in the northeast of Thailand

According to the Royal Institute Dictionary 2542 B.C. (1999), the word "innovation" is defined as the new thing or change from the original which may be an idea, method or device. From this definition, in 2019 the Company has established a project regarded as an innovative idea and method different from the conventional methods to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases by introducing an internet communication technology to create new behaviors for patients with chronic diseases who have to regularly take medicines for a long time. In some cases, if their behaviors continue without change, they might have to take medicine for their entire life. Moreover, some patients will have to take a large amount of medicines each time. Under the "NCDs Group Therapy 2019” program, the target group is the hospital patients with chronic diseases with an objective to promote their health and reduce medication by changing their lifestyle behaviors such as dietary selection and exercises. Through educational activities by multidisciplinary doctors, nurses, nutritionists, physical therapists together with creating patient groups for behavioral change monitoring via application with advices from multidisciplinary consultants, it is found that there were 93 patients continuously participated in the project until the end of the project ( during March-December 2019) for the first group of 150 patients, 13 patients were able to stop taking medicines with better blood result, which accounted for 14% of the remaining participants and able to reduce the use of medicine up to 41%. However, the Company still needs to closely monitor the results of projects in order to achieve the intended objectives

For the dissemination of innovative medical knowledge of the Company as a healthcare business operator, the Company promotes and improves the quality of life of people in society by disseminating the knowledge and experience of Dr. Wichit Siritattamrong, a specialist in hand and microsurgery and a team of experienced orthopedics. Located in industrial estate areas or factory area, the Company has more patients in the areas than any other areas. Aiming to create different types of treatment methods for the patients to receive the best treatment, the Company has granted home physicians and clinical specialists to attend the training program and field trips in the Orthopedic and Joint Center at Chularat 3 Internatinal Hospital to increase and develop this knowledge and expertise without any obligations. Trained physicians and doctors do not have to work with the Chularat Hospital Group. The Company has an intention that all trained doctors and specialists would move to several service areas other than Samutprakarn province to support and prevent Thai people all over the country from disability or loss of organs caused by various accidents enabling them to have better life and get back to work normally, resulting in reducing social problem arising from the inability. In 2019, the Company has disseminated the knowledge to a total of 5 doctors from sub-branch of hand and micro surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University and Phramongkutklao Hospital.