Dear CHG shareholders,

History will have a full page to write about the world experiencing one of its worst pandemics, COVID-19 SARS Cove-2 that has seriously affected millions upon millions of people, either perishing or suffering inadequate medical care. In this episode, hardly any country has been spared, but with great sympathy, the US population seems to take the heaviest toll, millions in number.

Fortunately or unfortunately for Thailand, despite wave after wave of shocking pandemics in several parts of the country, we were resilient enough to emerge, poorer in wealth, but stronger in our determination to rid ourselves of such tragic situation, god permits. We were self-sufficient in several medical supplies. Our public and private hospitals plus all available hospitels are readily equipped to cope with the worst situation.

Thailand has expended much effort during this extended period of this Pandemic and, it may be correct to say we are at the door steps of life and death whether we can escape the devilish blow of the latest COVID-19 Omicron variant, or perish under the weight of devastating COVID fury. On the brighter side, given the chance of adopting this variant as endemicity, life can go back to new normal sooner than we think.

For CHG, it gives me great pride to know that not just one or two thousands but over 4 thousands staff members and management in all over 14 branches, have put their hearts and souls together to demonstrate their commitment to our Holy Mission: 'We Care' and 'All lives matter' and put their full fledge effort in discharging their duties to the fullest to serve the communities and the country, resulting in an extraordinary 2021 performance.

Life after COVID may be back to normal, as we all hope, but I can confidently say that the world will never be the same again. Those families, lucky enough to reunite with returning members from hospitals need to help monitoring any sign of long COVID syndromes, while practicing vital standard hygiene at home and regularly monitoring one's own good health, just in case of any uncharted encounters with outsiders.

In closing, I would like to remind everyone, lucky enough to stay safe all this time and those who might recently have a brush with COVID, to hold guard and adopt all precautions, lower the risk of coming into contact with Omicron, regardless of its classifications as endemicity or not. Life will never be the same. If we have to live with new normal, it's only because precaution is the better part of the valor.

Yours sincerely,

Kriengsak Plussind
Chairman of the Board