The Company acknowledges the importance of all shareholders’ rights, including major and minority shareholders. Shareholders’ rights include basic as investors and as owners of the Company, such as rights to buy, sell, transfer their shares; right to receive dividends from the Company; rights in shareholders’ meetings; right to receive comprehensive, sufficient and timely news and information through easily accessible channels; rights to express their opinions; rights to participate in making decisions on important issues, such as election of election of direction, approval of importa nt transactions that affect the direction of the business and operation of the Company, amendment of memorandum of association and articles of association of the Company.

In 2015, the Company has implemented the following to encourage and facilitate the exercise of shareholders’ rights in the annual general meeting of shareholders:

  1. The Company gives shareholders the right to propose important and appropriate issues for i n corporation as an agenda in the Company’s annual general meeting of shareholders and to nominate candidates with appropriate knowledge, abilities and qualifications to be considered for the position of the Company’s director in advance before the annual general meeting of shareholders. Shareholders can find details of the criteria and guidelines on the Company’s website.
  2. The Company sends invitation letters to shareholders in advance to inform them of the meeting agendas which include opinion of the Board of Directors on each agenda item, together with supporting documents and information sufficient to facilitate shareholders in making their decisions. In marking their decisions. In addition, the invitation letter package includes details of required documents in order to protect shareholders’ rights to attend the shareholders’ meeting, together with their rights to vote. Moreover, the invitation letter to the shareholders’ meeting is disclosed on the Company’s website. For annual general meeting of shareholders, the invitation letter is posted on the website 30 days prior to the meeting date in 2015.
  3. The company offers all forms of remuneration paid to directors are paid an attendance fee. The r ate paid attendance fee per meeting and the number of times a year by the Board of Directors to the Board, shareholders have seen the value of the premiums paid. The criteria determining the bonus/reward annual turnover of the total amount not exceeding the amount offered per year during the office. In order to the shareholders to approve the agenda and remuneration annually. In 2016 the Company’s will improve the disclosure of compensation in case of its not paid, specify the time that such remuneration and other benefits. The company has no policy to pay directors.
  4. For those shareholders unable to attend the meeting, these shareholders have the right to authorize a person or an independent director as their proxy to attend the meeting and vote on their behalf, using one of the proxy forms sent with the invitation letter. Moreover, shareholders can download the proxy form from the Company’s website.
  5. The Company implements the barcode system for registration and the voting process, including the use of voting cards. This helps accelerate and ensure the accuracy of the registration and vote counting process. In addition, shareholders are able to register after the meeting has started to exercise their rights to vote on agendas that have not been voted. Upon completion of the meeting, shareholders are able to verify the details.
  6. Before going into each agenda, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Who acts as chairman of the meeting, assigns the Company Secretary to inform the meeting of the voting process for each agenda. During the meeting, the chairman of the meeting gives all shareholders the opportunity to comment, ask question or give opinions and suggestions on any agenda item. The Chairman and management see the importance of every question and give precise and clear answers.
  7. The Company Secretary records minutes of the shareholders’ meetings which are correct and complete, with details on voting resolts of each agenda. In addition, the minutes are sent to the Stock Exchange of Thailand and posted on the Company’s website within 14 days after the meeting date, so that shareholders are promptly informed and are able to verify.