The Company has set a goal of becoming a prominent private hospital under the concept of “The Star of the East”, which is featured in the Good Governance. The company has focused on the growth in the industry, the development of medical innovations, the environment protection and the knowledge development, as well as the improvement in personnel skill sets. By doing so, the company could achieve the objective of being learning center in the Eastern area and Samutprakarn province. Also, building the recognition of customers in terms of quality of service and Patient safety to satisfy the clients (Patient Focus) at a fair price. It is the goal of a private hospital to grow in parallel with the expansion of business and industry in the East and Samutprakarn province, focusing on expanding of service network and expanding the quality of services provided through the specialized centers. The Board of Directors and management determined the vision, mission, values and objectives as follows:


  • Being a leader in tertiary medical services (Tertiary care) and well known as a standard and innovative organization among domestic and international patient.
  • Being Chain Hospital with sustainable growth and efficient network management.
  • Adherence to the ethics of the profession. The love and faith of the clients rigidly forever.


Providing standard treatment to satisfy customers.
Creating awareness of employees to protect environment and aim to be green Hospital.
Promoting quality of life in community.
Creating happiness among employees.

Core Values of Chularat Hospital ICARE

  • International Patient Safety

    Focusing on the patient safety.

  • Integrity

    to be good governance corporation and doing the right thing in a reliable.

  • Innovation

    Creativities for developing the corporation.

  • Care

    Patient care continued.

  • Change

    Attend to change to better way.

  • Accountability

    Responsibility and to be trust by the social.

  • Respect

    Respect and honor people as they are.

  • Engagement

    Love and ally the corporation.

  • Education

    Continuously study for knowledge.

  • Environment

    Environment caring